ODA and NCDs in an era of COVID-19: report, event and policy recommendations

This blog marks the culmination of a six-month project looking at the place of NCDs within overseas development assistance in the UK, in the context both of recent cuts to the aid budget and of COVID-19. People with lived experience of NCDs have been at its heart: a report was commissioned from consultants who themselves are people living with NCDs and the event at which the report was launched was moderated and led by people with lived experience – an opportunity for UK government colleagues to hear different (and vitally important) voices.  

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Survey: overseas development assistance and NCDs

Can you help us with work targeting UK policymakers in relation to prioritising overseas development assistance for NCDs, a clear urgent need globally especially in the context of COVID-19?

The survey can be found here. Please feel free to share this with your own networks. It covers questions on NCDs within universal health coverage, the impact of overseas development assistance on NCDs, and the impacts of Covid-19 on NCDs in your country.

It will take about 15–20 minutes to complete. We would be very grateful for your help – please complete as much as you are able. It will remain open until Tuesday 30 November.

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Lived experience to strengthen the case for NCDs as part of UK aid

The Global Week of Action on NCDs is a good opportunity to write about our latest initiative, which is funded by the NCD Alliance’s Solidarity Fund for NCDs and COVID-19. This fund is helping members around the world to make the case for prioritising and investing in NCDs as part of an equitable Covid-19 response and recovery. At the UK Working Group on NCDs, we will contribute to this goal by bringing together two particularly important aspects of addressing NCDs: first, by tapping into the deep understanding of the need for action that lived experience brings,* and, secondly, by addressing the impact on global health and NCDs of the recent swingeing cuts by the UK government to overseas development assistance. These ODA cuts are frightening in their extent – ratcheting down from 0.7% of GDP to just 0.5% (coming, of course, on top of a contraction of GDP due to Covid-19). It is a broken promise by the government, which prior to the last general election had committed to maintaining the 0.7% level – and will have far-reaching consequences across myriad areas of development, including health.

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