Who we are

The UK Working Group on NCDs is an informal coalition of around 25 civil-society organisations based in the UK or with strong UK connections, with a chair drawn from the membership.

Members of the UK Working Group on NCDs
(as of January 2023)

*The UK-based secretariat represents GACD, an alliance of international public funding agencies.

Meetings of the Working Group take place online monthly, with an in-person meeting at least annually (with a dial-in option).


Membership of the UK Working Group on NCDs is limited to organisations from civil society, research institutes, and other academic bodies.* Organisations may work across NCDs, on specific diseases or risk factors, or more widely on health and development. Membership is open to organisations with an interest in global NCD prevention and control, with an office anywhere in the UK. Financial or in-kind contributions to support the Working Group’s activities are welcomed.
* Exceptions may be made for consultants specifically appointed by or working with members of the Working Group. Expressions of interest to join the Working Group by other organisations and/or individuals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Members are required to disclose whether the organisations they represent** have in the past 10 years received any funding from or are otherwise connected in any way to the tobacco, alcohol, food and beverage, fossil fuel, or pharmaceutical industries. 
**In the case of consultants, this refers to both to the organisation that they represent, and the consulting company by which they are employed.

 In November 2019 the UK Working Group on NCDs became the UK’s national NCD alliance.

The current chair of the UK Working Group is Katy Cooper. Katy is an independent consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the prevention of NCDs, and works with organisations both within the Working Group (including C3 Collaborating for Health, World Obesity and WCRF International) and outside (including WHO Europe, the Access to Nutrition Initiative (the Netherlands), VicHealth (Australia) and the Danish Red Cross). She was one of the founders of the UK Working Group in 2018 and was its coordinator from its inception until summer 2020.

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