NCDs and overseas development assistance: a view from a lived perspective

On 12 January 2022, the UK Working Group on Non-communicable Diseases launched a report on Non-communicable Diseases and UK Aid in the Era of COVID-19, commissioned from two consultants with lived experience of NCDs – Dr Zipporah Ali and Dr Helena Davies – who present their thoughts on the project in this guest blog.

ODA and NCDs in an era of COVID-19: report, event and policy recommendations

This blog marks the culmination of a six-month project looking at the place of NCDs within overseas development assistance in the UK, in the context both of recent cuts to the aid budget and of COVID-19. People with lived experience of NCDs have been at its heart: a report was commissioned from consultants who themselvesContinue reading “ODA and NCDs in an era of COVID-19: report, event and policy recommendations”

Survey: overseas development assistance and NCDs

Can you help us with work targeting UK policymakers in relation to prioritising overseas development assistance for NCDs, a clear urgent need globally especially in the context of COVID-19? The survey can be found here. Please feel free to share this with your own networks. It covers questions on NCDs within universal health coverage, theContinue reading “Survey: overseas development assistance and NCDs”